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About Us

Alison - Dance Teacher
Fiona — Founder & Teacher

Our Story

Fiona Thomson School of dance (FTSD) was  established in 1997 by Fiona.

Fiona has a passion for dance and wanted to make dance classes accessible for all.

The dance school's ethos is to make dancing affordable for all. We do our best to keep class cost as low as possible as well as:

  • no expenisve uniform,
  • discount for mutiple classes taken in a week,
  • no hire charge for dance costumes,
  • 2nd hand shoes  available to borrow
  • new dance shoes available to order at cost to pupils.

Neither Fiona or Alison take a wage they simply enjoy teaching.

Meet Our Teachers

To find out more about out teachers and helpers  click below on each profile

Alison - Dance Teacher

Alison started dancing at age of 2 and half and took over the dance school in 2017. During her dance career she has achieved her “Associate Freestyle and Associate Tap with UKA Dance”.  Alison has also acheived her “Licentiate Tap, Highland and National” the Licentiate is a prestigious qualifaction few achieve. She has danced and performed with Bathgate Operatic Society and performed Highland dance with Edinburgh Post Office Pipe Band’s annual Beating the Retreat at Edinburgh Castle. Alison has a soft spot for all things furry and loves kids sharing pictures of their pets.


Fiona — Founder & Teacher

Fiona has been dancing since the age of 2, she has learnt many different styles of dance but her main styles are tap, freestyle disco and Highland. During her teens and early 20’s she danced with musical theatre companies performing in Edinburgh and Bathgate. Fiona worked as a nursery officer in Edinburgh and Livingston working with children and their families. Fiona has a very caring nature and loves sharing her love of dance with others. 


Hayley - Student Teacher

Hayley joined our junior class when she was 8 years old. Hayley has a natural talent for dance and is always ready to learn more. Hayley moved to our senior class very quickly and has continued to train hard taking part in exams, shows and performances. Hayley has competed in highland competitions winning medals and progressing in her technique. Hayley has also started incorporating toe stands into her tap routines which is a huge achievement. 

Hayley helps at the younger classes and really encourages pupils who she is working with. Hayley has choreographed and taught her own dances to a small group of adult tappers in preparation to sit her teacher’s exam in the future. 

Hayley passed her National 5 in dance where she was awarded an A. Hayley is a science fanatic, she loves biology and would like to be a biology teacher when she is older. Hayleys love of science has allowed her to take part in UK-wide competitions as well as one which was led by NASA and the ESA! Hayley will be heading off to university in Sep’21 to study biology.  

Hayley is a big Disney fan!! 

Jane - Dance School Assistant

Jane has been dancing with us for over a decade! She has taken part in many performances and exams. Jane mentioned that she use to design and make wedding dresses, so was quickly roped into helping make dance costumes for our shows. Jane appreciated how expensive material is and supported us with holding fundraising evenings where her husband, Donald, would organise race nights, quiz nights, discos, collections etc  

Jane began helping out at classes and has been an amazing support not just to us but to the dancers too Jane now helps with the day to day running of the dance school and is always on hand to answer any questions or give support where needed.  

In her spare time Jane works for Livingston Football club, she coordinates the operation of the turnstiles 

Jane is an animal lover and has adopted many cats over the years. When describing Jane to someone she is usually referred to ‘the lady in pink’ as she is usually found sporting a pink t-shirt, pink zip top or more recently pink hair!!  

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